Tony Bianchi, CIR

Principal, Executive Recruiting Consultant

Way Recruiting Group was founded by Tony in January of 2021 in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. Finding himself unemployed due to the pandemic, Tony contemplated his next career move within the talent acquisition field. He decided to apply his nearly 25 years of management, human resources, and recruiting experience and knowledge in helping organizations secure their top talent.

Tony's talent acquisition experience includes recruiting and managing recruiters in agency staffing, corporate talent acquisition, consultative niche recruiting, and retained executive search. Additionally, he has a background as a certified vocational service provider for the State of Illinois in placing people with disabilities into the workforce. Tony is a Certified Internet Recruiter (CIR). 

Why Us?

Our Executive Search services bring you a unique blend of:

Experience - Nearly 25 years of consultative search experience - we have almost seen it all. 

Knowledge - Market-specific knowledge and passive candidate network solutions and                                        search.       

Dedication - A dedication to understanding your company and your specific recruiting                                   needs and then executing with urgency and precision to secure your                                           critical talent.       

Resources -  In-house tools and research professionals; national relationships with numerous                        groups and organizations. 

Let's get started!

Your Way to a Win-Win Relationship

At Way Recruiting, we value long-term partnerships, which is why we are structured to be your exclusive strategic search provider. We focus on offering adaptable solutions to your specific needs and industry.  

Way Recruiting exists to be your premier search firm because everything we do revolves around building a specialized solution that follows best practices. We will always seek the opportunity to provide the best value for your budget spend by focusing our efforts on the things that make the most business sense for your organization.

Next Steps:


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